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Revolution Capsules

Revolution Capsules

Zahler's Revolution contains a unique combination of potent nutrients for bladder health support.

  • Potent urinary tract formula
  • Supports healthy urinary tract and bladder function
  • Contains D-Mannose, Cranberries, Probiotics and more
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
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Advanced science in each and every bottle

Using only the purest natural ingredients

Manufactured to the highest standards

Kosher through & through


  • Potent urinary tract formula
  • Supports healthy urinary tract and bladder function
  • Contains D-Mannose, Cranberries, Probiotics and more

UT Revolution is a brilliant urinary tract formula which contains a potent blend of ingredients, such as Superfruits, D-Mannose, Cranberries, Probiotics and more, to support a healthy urinary tract and bladder health. One of the main featured ingredients in UT Revolution is D-Mannose‚ a type of sugar which has the helpful ability of supporting the healthy environment of the urinary tract. Other helpful ingredients included in this formula are Cran-Max Cranberry Extract‚ FOS (NutraFlora) and Vitamin C‚ all of which support healthy urinary tract function.

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Supplement facts

What’s inside

Cranberry Fruit
Pumpkin Seed
Camu-Camu Fruit
Acerola Fruit
Dandelion Root



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Paulina Saista
Great for Seniors

I'm 72 and was constantly coming down with infection and now I take this long term for urinary tract health maintenance and am very satisfied.

Harriet Baker
Urinary Tract Health

Great supplement that did exacly as described.

Rose Sartack
Great Product!

Truly revolutionary!


Great for bladder health. I take 2 pills daily for 2 years already and am clear and feeling great.


The most amazing supplement the natural world has to offer. I highly recommend this to everyone and anyone with recurring issues.

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Every proprietary Zahler formula is exactly the same:
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Our Formula
Our Formula

Zahler delivers on nature’s promise by harvesting its many natural resources, opting for 100% pure, authentic, strictly Kosher ingredients

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Focusing on underlying deficiencies as opposed to superficial symptoms, our formulas offer a healthy, effective path toward comprehensive wellbeing

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