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Teen Focus

Teen Focus

Zahler's TeenFocus is a unique supplement with high-quality ingredients and is designed to promote focus and support calmness.

  • Supports increased focus and concentration
  • Designed to optimize brain function and cognition
  • Contains Citicoline, L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract and more
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
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Using only the purest natural ingredients

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  • Supports increased focus and concentration
  • Designed to optimize brain function and cognition
  • Contains Citicoline, L-Theanine, Green Tea Extract and more

Teen Focus is designed for the overactive brain and provides nutritional support to enhance better focus and promote calmness. It may support teenagers with relaxing, focusing better and may aid with concentration as well as overall attention span. TeenFocus is for both teenagers and adults who wish to optimize brain function and support cognition as well as promote relaxation.

Ingredient Studies

Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Supplement facts

What’s inside


Focus and concentration. Those are some of the key ingredients for success. The ability to focus and concentrate on any given task can be the difference between achievement and failure. It may come naturally to some, but most of us can do well with a boost. TeenFocus from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler is formulated to provide teenagers with the power to perform and ability to achieve.

It’s that critical juncture in life. All the enthusiasm and strength of childhood combined with the reason and maturity of approaching adulthood. The teenage years are the ideal time to create the building blocks for future success. Most teens, however, struggle at least a little bit. Teen-hood is not just a pass-through phase, but a difficult stage mentally and physically. Still, it is important to do everything possible to utilize these years and mature to thriving adults.

It may be simple addition after all: put in the effort, add TeenFocus, achieve success. Appropriate supplementation may provide teenagers dealing with typical difficulties, as well as those with more severe struggles, the ability to use all their strengths to reach their full potential. TeenFocus balances cognitive functions and strengthens the teen’s natural abilities. It works at the root of possible deficiencies or imbalances, allowing teenagers to use their inner strength and brain capacity to perform best.

TeenFocus by Advanced Nutrition by Zahler is a unique supplement designed to provide teenagers with the nutrients and herbs most beneficial for their brains. In addition to supporting brain function and concentration, TeenFocus also helps support a calm and positive mood. TeenFocus is formulated to help teens reach their potential. By combining these ingredients, they’ll receive a powerful boost which can help them focus and concentrate on essential life lessons and education.

CITICOLINE increases the brain chemical phosphatidylcholine, which is important for brain function.

SUNPHENON® GREEN TEA EXTRACT is known to have calming effects and has gotten lots of attention recently for being a great supplement for ADHD.

PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE has been associated with lowering the levels of damaging stress hormones.

AFFRON®, a saffron extract, has been clinically tested and proven effective in balancing moods, even in people prone to mild depression or anxiety.

TeenFocus can help:
Support focus and concentration
Promote cognitive balance
Promote calmness

Green Tea



Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Anne Lolli
Teen focus

Seems to help

Fiona Bright

TeenFocus has been a game-changer for my high schooler. It really helps with concentration during study sessions.

Patricia Finch

This supplement has been fantastic for maintaining calm and enhancing my cognitive abilities during exams.

Joy Charles

I noticed a real difference in my focus after starting TeenFocus. The blend of Citicoline and Green Tea Extract seems pretty effective.

Tabitha Wall

As a college student, TeenFocus has helped me manage my coursework with better focus and less stress.

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Our Formula

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