Multivitamin Immune


Innovative vegan multivitamin formula

Contains superior ingredients from superior sources

Immune system support with Maitake Mushroom Extract and ParActin®

Includes a whole-food nutrient-loaded fruit and veggie base

60 Capsules
Zahler Multivitamin Immune is an exclusive and innovative multivitamin formula based on cutting-edge research, sound scientific discoveries and the latest knowledge in the field of supplemental nutrition. This revolutionary formula is made with superior ingredients from superior sources for maximum absorption and benefit. In addition to having all of the qualities of a multivitamin, also included is a nutrient-loaded, clinically studied and published, whole-food fruit & veggie base plus additional targeted nutrients such as Maitake Mushroom Extract and ParActin® to support a healthy immune system.

Multivitamin Immune contains:
· Superior ingredients from superior sources
Formulated with body-ready (methylated, phosphorylated, chelated & coenzyme) forms of vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption
· Targeted nutrients specific for your individual health and wellbeing needs
Contains Maitake Mushroom Extract and ParActin® to support immune function
· Whole-food fruit & veggie base
Spectra™ is a clinically studied nutrient-loaded blend which fills in the gaps of your daily nutrition
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Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Customer Reviews

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Fruit and Veggie Combo

My teenage son and daughter are terrible eaters and have weak immune systems. I put them both on the Multivitamin Immune to provide them with fruit and vegetable nutrients and to help boost their immunity. I do see a difference since they started on this. I think their bodies are stronger. I will say that as they weigh like adults (over 120 pounds) I give them 3 capsules per day instead of 2.


Good stuff. Happy.


I just switched to this from my other multi, the one daily, and will be taking this through the winter.

Thumbs Up

This is a good choice of a multi :)


Great product.

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