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Question: Where Are your products manufactured?

Answer: Zahlers products are manufactured exclusively in the USA in state of the art, third party cGMP certified facilities, which meet our high quality standards and comply with all safety regulations.

Question: What is a Daily Value?

Answer: The Daily Value is the amount of a nutrient the body needs based on a 2000-calorie diet for an average sized person. There are two standards that are referenced as follows: 1. Daily Reference Values 2. Reference Daily Intakes (RDIs), which replaced the term “U.S. RDA” (the values determined by FDA and used on food labels, taken from the “RDAs” which are values determined by the National Academy of Sciences for various populations groups). The Daily Value (or a RDA's) is the amount of a nutrient that will satisfy the minimum basic requirement for function and avert a disease of deficiency (the Daily Values, are the values that will be seen on the labels). However, these values were never intended to imply a safe maximum amount of a vitamin you can take, amounts that can foster maximum vitality, or amounts that may give therapeutic benefits. While RDI levels may avert the body from becoming deficient they do not factor in depleted or deficient states that may lead to disease. The RDA should be viewed as a nutritional poverty line. It is unwise to consume less but it is not a guidance for maximum health.

Question: What is the source of the gelatin you use in your softgels?

Answer: The gelatin that we use in our softgels vary per product. You can find that information on the label listed under other ingredients. As a rule we always use gelatin that is EDQM (European Directive on Quality of Medicines) compliant, poses no risk of disease transfer (TSE or BSE), and is always certified Kosher and never sourced from porcine products.

Question: Are dietary supplements regulated under the FDA?

Answer: Dietary Supplements are regulated under the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) through 21 CFR Part 111 of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Code and specifically DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994). All aspects of what ingredients can be used, the manufacturing practices and facilities (including the qualifications of the individuals working in them) and what can be claimed on product labels. Additionally, each state has both an attorney general and a state department of health that has jurisdiction on supplements. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) can exercise enforcement powers over Supplements and the department of commerce and department of trade can exercise enforcement on interstate and international commerce. Finally, the courts through class action have been a significant regulator of supplements.

Question: Are your products substantiated by scientific studies or research and is this part of your product development process?

Answer: Yes! Each time we set out to create a new formula, the process begins with an extensive review of the available clinical research. It takes painstaking meticulous research and a solid understanding of the human body to create an effective formula. The payoff, of course, is the result. Zahler supplements use clinically proven ingredients and doses of these ingredients that are substantiated by either clinical studies or long traditions in botanical medicine. Our Formulas are the product of hard data, typically published in peer reviewed journals and an impressive compendium of real world evidence.

Question: Is it safe to take your product if it has expired?

Answer: Expiry dates are dates determined by either stability study or estimates based on data that the product will meet label claim and not be harmful. If a product is past its expiration date, it is not necessarily likely to be harmful. It is, however, likely that the potency of the nutrients will be diminished and there is a chance of increased microbial contamination or breakdown by products. In the case of products that contain lipids there is a chance that oxidation has diminished the quality of the product and that it may contain rancid fats.

Question: Can I open up the capsules of your products and mix them into juice, yogurt etc.?

Answer: Yes that’s totally fine. The quality of the supplement will not be altered if you spill out the powdery contents into juice or yogurt. However, be sure not to mix it into anything warm or hot, as that will reduce or destroy the potency. The opened capsules and food product should be consumed immediately as the nutrients and herbs may interact with acids or other compounds in the food.

Question: Are all your products Kosher?

Answer: Yes, every single of our products are 100% Kosher. Our entire line is manufactured under the strict supervision of Rabbi Sh. Stern of Debreczin and the Orthodox Union. Rather than being an afterthought, Kashrus is a primary consideration that factors into the research and development phases of every Zahler product.

Question: How do I as a consumer know that the products that I purchase contain the ingredients that are on the label and are at full potency?

Answer: This is a key concern for us at Advanced Nutrition by Zahler; and we are committed to producing quality products. We have a strict quality control process that meets or exceeds the rigorous quality standards of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration We only have our products manufactured in facilities that are compliant with all regulations and that have taken the extra step to invite third party auditors into their facility to assure compliance. We guarantee the potency of all labeled ingredients as long as the product has been properly stored and is within its shelf life.

Question: How can I be sure that the ingredients you use in your products are pure & safe?

Answer: We only source ingredients that have been tested using validated methods for identity, potency, and purity. This is a cornerstone of cGMP compliance and we never “just trust a vendor Certificate of Analysis”. After identity and potency is confirmed, we test for toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, microbial contaminants and likely adulterants. Every product we develop and produce is subjected to rigorous testing, and is manufactured and bottled (or blister packed) in a state-of-the-art GMP certified facility. When it comes to nutrition, insist on the purest. We do.

Question: Is ParaGuard Gluten Free?


Yes, ParaGuard is indeed Gluten Free.

Question: I see on the ingredient label peppermint and oregano oil? What oils are these?


The oils used in ParaGuard are essential oils.

Question: Can I give ParaGuard to my child?


ParaGuard is recommended for children over 3 years of age.

Question: How many drops of ParaGuard should I be taking daily?


For exact dosage of ParaGuard please see the inside cover flap of the ParaGuard box. For further questions, please contact one of our nutritionists at 877-ASK-ZAHLER or ask@zahlers.com.

Question: Can ParaGuard kill all three stages of parasites?


ParaGuard has been found to successfully kill all three stages of parasites - eggs, larvae, and adult.

Question: Can I use this product as a detox cleanse if I don’t suffer from parasites and don’t have any digestive issues?


ParaGuard may be used as a detox either once or twice a year. See the exact dosage on the inside cover flap of the ParaGuard box listed under mild support.

Question: Can I mix ParaGuard with any juice or liquid?


You may mix ParaGuard with any juice or liquid as long as the liquid is not hot, since that will diminish the potency of ParaGuard.

Question: Is this product safe to be taken in Pregnancy?


ParaGuard is not safe to be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Please consult with our nutritionists for alternative safe options to explore during those sensitive stages.

What is the difference between the folate (Quatrefolic 5-methyltetrahydrofolic) in Prenatal+ DHA versus standard folic acid found in most prenatal supplements?

The naturally occurring, metabolically active form of folate (Quatrefolic 5-methyltetrahydrofolic) found in Prenatal +DHA is the most stable and bioactive form of folate. Folate (Quatrefolic 5-methyltetrahydrofolic) is body ready, which means it requires no complex conversion and eliminates the risk of un-metabolized folic acid. This naturally occurring form of folate is required by a large percentage of women due to an MTFHR gene mutation, as these women either lack the enzymes needed to receive any benefit from synthetic folic acid, or cannot fully process synthetic folic acid at RDA or higher dose levels.

How much DHA does this product contain?

Prenatal +DHA contains 300 mg of DHA.

What’s the source of DHA in this product?

The source of the DHA found in Prenatal +DHA is from wild caught menhaden fish.

What is the source of gelatin in the Prenatal +DHA softgel?

The source of gelatin in Prenatal +Dha is tilapia.

Why did you include Chromium in Prenatal +DHA?

Being that many women are at risk for developing gestational diabetes, we included chromium in Prenatal +DHA to help stabilize and keep sugar levels balanced.

What are the benefits of DHA in pregnancy?

DHA has been proven to be absolutely essential during the critical periods of pregnancy and early infancy. Maternal DHA levels directly impact the developing central nervous system and the cognition (mental development), vision and motor function of the developing baby. Research also shows that DHA taken in pregnancy may also prevent post partum depression.

Is Prenatal +DHA in capsule or softgel form?

Prenatal +DHA is in an easy-to-swallow softgel format.

Does Prenatal+DHA contain gluten?

Prenatal +DHA does not contain gluten.

Does Prenatal +DHA contain any artificial dyes or additives?

Prenatal +DHA does not contain any artificial dyes or additives.

Question: What source is the fish in this product?


The fish source in Omega 3 Platinum is wild caught menhaden.

Question: How much EPA and DHA does this product contain?


With a super-high concentration and optimal 3:2 ratio of EPA and DHA, Omega 3 Platinum contains 900 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA.

Question: What are the benefits of Omega 3 fish oil?


Omega 3 contains both Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Many studies prove a direct link between taking Omega 3 and improved heart health (preventing and managing heart disease), skin and brain health (aiding memory, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant benefits).

Question: What's the difference between Omega 3 Platinum and Omega 3 Platinum+D?


Being that many people do not get adequate fatty acids from their diets, as well as Vitamin D, which are both so vital for our health, we thought a combination of the two will allow people to benefit from both simultaneously.

If my child isn’t diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, can I give him KidsActive?

Yes, any child who wishes to perform better scholastically with improved focus, concentration and attention span can benefit from KidsActive.

Can I mix KidsActive powder into any juice or yogurt?

That would be totally fine. However, be sure not to mix it into anything warm or hot, as that will reduce or destroy the potency.

Is KidsActive vegan?

Yes, KidsActive is indeed vegan.

Does KidsActive need to be taken at a certain time of day?

Being that KidsActive is a natural supplement and its effects are only obvious once it fully ‘kicks in’ over time, it does not need to be taken at a specific time of day. However, since it contains B vitamins, it is ideal to take KidsActive in the morning.


From what is the Phosphatidyl Serine in KidsActive derived from?

The Phosphatidyl Serine in KidsActive is derived from soy.

Can I give KidsActive for my 3 year old child?

Absolutely. KidsActive is totally safe for a 3 year old child to take.

When I mix KidsActive with juice, some of the powder sinks to the bottom. Why is that happening?

Because of the variety of different nutrients found in KidsActive, it is normal for some of it to settle when mixing it in any liquid.

What are the dosages, both of the powder and chewable forms of KidsActive?

The daily dosage of KidsActive chewables is 3 chewables 2x daily and of the powder - 1 scoop daily.

How long does it take to see results from KidsActive?

Like with all natural supplements, it may take approximately 4-6 weeks to experience real results. However you may be pleasantly surprised and see KidsActive working quicker than that!

Is there any other supplement that you recommend taking together with KidsActive?

For optimal results we suggest taking Omega 3 fish oil in conjunction with KidsActive since Omega 3 may also boost brain function.

Question: Can I mix Kidophilus liquid into any food or drink?


While probiotics are best taken between meals (i.e. on an empty stomach), it is perfectly safe to mix Kidophilus into any food or liquid as long as the food/liquid is not hot, since that will diminish the potency of Kidophilus.

Question: Why did you add in Potassium Sorbate?


To increase the shelf life of a liquid probiotic formula, preservatives such as potassium sorbate need to be used. Otherwise, Kidophilus would only be potent for about a month’s time.

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