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Comprehensive antidepressant formula

Supports mood, energy & mental balance

Contains SAMe, 5HTP, L-Tryptophan and more

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Mastermind, which includes L-Tryptophan, SAMe, Vitamin B12 and more, promotes improved mood, energy and mental balance. It counteracts the debilitating effects of depression whether it’s melancholic, atypical, postpartum, or seasonal in its manifestation. MasterMind is an all-natural safe supplement, with no side effects, that reduces obsessive thoughts and improves emotional well-being.

What does MasterMind target?
A variety of factors including genetic makeup, environment, physical condition, mental stressors, and psychological and social factors all interact to affect mood and disposition. Individuals who suffer from depression experience symptoms daily or almost every day for at least two weeks. And not only does a sense of despondency negatively affect the person who is suffering, but it also affects that person’s loved ones. Symptoms interfere with daily activities and include fatigue, a sense of worthlessness, mental numbness, disinterest in activities one previously enjoyed, significant weight gain or weight loss and an inability to sleep or excessive sleeping. MasterMind works to counteract the debilitating effects of a low mood and obsessive thoughts while improving energy and mental balance.


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