Plant-based calcium supplement

Elemental bone strength formula

Maintains bone health and density

Contains Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and more

120 Tablets
BoneFactor is a synergistic nutritional blend of advanced calcium sourced from Aquamin - which is algae derived. BoneFactor also includes Strontium, Magnesium, Vitamin K and other elemental nutrients. It has been formulated expressly to help maintain bone health and to preserve bone mass and density.

What does BoneFactor target?
As a person ages, the rate of new bone cell growth slows down, but the rate of deterioration of bone cells will stay the same or accelerate slightly. That means that at a certain point in life, one's bones are steadily decreasing in density and becoming thinner. Besides for containing Aquamin, an advanced source of Calcium, Zahler's BoneFactor also includes elements such as Strontium and Silica, elements that help the bones continue to grow and become stronger.

Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Brandt

Attempting to upgrade bone density and muscle strength. Usage will hopefully show benefits even though the cost is high!


I got this product roughly a month ago and it has been awesome. It was hard in the beginning to get used to taking but after that initial hurdle taking it for easier. I feel much better then I did before.

A lot of good vitamins

I really liked that this supplement has a lot of good vitamins that can help so much more than just your bone health. As far as I can tell they are working. But there are a couple things that would make them better. I didn't like that you have to take 4 a day and also the pills are rather large. But it's tolerable. It's a great supplement.

Good for you!

As a female I worry that as I get older, my bones n will get weaker. Especially because of the medications I take. I feel taking these supplements give me a fighting chance for staying stronger in the long run. Doesn't have a funny taste or smell, and doesn't upset my stomach. So far so good.

Great product

It's best to start sooner than later with BoneFactor. This will benefit a wide range of individuals. Easy to take and effective. In the world of supplements BoneFactor stands at the top. Give this a try and you will come to know this as your choice in bone health.

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