Our roots run deep

Zahler is a 3rd-generation family company proudly continuing the work of our legendary founder, Rachel Zahler, PhD. Our root is simple yet strong.

Our Story

Different at heart

Rachel was a typical housewife and mother of children. Her husband suffered from seasonal allergies, and none of the prescribed medications helped him feel better. Rachel, who appreciated what nature had to offer, enjoyed exploring alternative healing methods and in no time became the famous family healer. Rachel helped her husband live life to its fullest again. But something else happened.

On her quest to help him, she absorbed vast amounts of information and became passionate about natural healing powers and wanted to share that with others. After years of painstaking, meticulous research and a solid understanding of the human body, she started an inspiring service, providing one-on-one health and nutritional consulting. And then, recognizing the growing need for better, more innovative, smarter nutritional solutions, the Zahler family set out to develop a line of their very own, pure and natural, full-of-goodness nutritional supplements. It was a limited production at first.

Rachel Zahler, PhD.


A legacy was born

A legacy the third generation of the Zahler family is gratified to carry

Today, Advanced Nutrition by Zahler offers a wide variety of products for every member of the family. These were developed based on our knowledge and education as well as feedback from our customers.

Our close interaction with the people we serve helps us understand their needs and enables us to provide comprehensive products especially developed to meet those needs.

In addition to the considerable time invested to ensure formulaic precision, when it comes to our formulas, we spare no expense in sourcing the “cream of the crop” ingredients from around the globe for our premium products. And we are proud of the results!

Kosher through & through

Zahler prides itself as a bearer of the two popular and world renowned Kosher Certifications, the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Sh. Stern.

For those seeking kosher certifications on their dietary supplements, it makes all the difference in the products they choose. Kosher supplements are pure and monitored more carefully, and that’s what you get with Zahler, higher standards with higher quality ingredients.

That's nutrition that meets a higher standard.