תוסף סידן צמחי

נוסחת חוזק העצם האלמנטרית

שומר על בריאות העצמות וצפיפותה

מכיל סידן, ויטמין K, מגנזיום, ויטמין D3 ועוד

120 Tablets
BoneFactor is a synergistic nutritional blend of advanced calcium sourced from Aquamin - which is algae derived. BoneFactor also includes Strontium, Magnesium, Vitamin K and other elemental nutrients. It has been formulated expressly to help maintain bone health and to preserve bone mass and density.

What does BoneFactor target?
As a person ages, the rate of new bone cell growth slows down, but the rate of deterioration of bone cells will stay the same or accelerate slightly. That means that at a certain point in life, one's bones are steadily decreasing in density and becoming thinner. Besides for containing Aquamin, an advanced source of Calcium, Zahler's BoneFactor also includes elements such as Strontium and Silica, elements that help the bones continue to grow and become stronger.

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