From Garden to Eden

Every proprietary Zahler formula is exactly the same: its efficacy stems purely from Mother Nature

When Nature Speaks We Listen

The Earth’s healing energy is palpable. You need only step outside to experience the planet’s powerful effect on the human body and spirit. But thanks to today’s frenzied pace of living, so many people suffer in silence, unwilling to listen to the pure, simple solutions whispering from Mother Nature’s vast botanical bounty.

At Zahler, we start by paying much closer attention to the world. Forming a spiritual bond with its soothing, restorative wonders, we have mastered the science of intuition. That’s how we bring you healthy, all-natural herbs, vitamins and minerals specially made for mankind. They are the ones that were always there, yet seldom noticed.

Grab Nutrition By The Roots

In line with our heartfelt commitment to purity, integrity and quality, Zahler develops all our natural products following the same 3-step process:

Start with the end Result

Every Zahler products is a direct and targeted response to the real-world concerns of the men, women and children who love our nutraceutical system. As eternal nutritional ambassadors, our mission remains to find a safe, wholesome solution to the needs of those we heal.

Use the world as Our Lab

Assessing the latest industry research, we traverse the globe in search of the finest raw nutritionals we have in mind. Each ingredient included in every product is examined extensively, all in effort of arriving at the formulation worthy of the Zahler name.

Maintain Impossible Standards

To ensure untouchable purity and potency, we obsess over every component of the production process. In partnership with those who share our manufacturing manifesto, we conduct randomized multipoint testing that guarantee efficacy, stability and bioavailability in every bottle.

What's in a Bottle

Zahler delivers on nature’s promise by harvesting its many natural resources, opting for 100% pure, authentic, strictly Kosher ingredients

Our life-giving supplements are the product of hard data, backed by published research and clinical trials from the industry's most trusted sources

Focusing on underlying deficiencies as opposed to superficial symptoms, our formulas offer a healthy, effective path toward comprehensive wellbeing

Takes these examples

Here’s how Zahler ensures that the nutrition we put in is the nutrition you get out.

Womens' Health

Prenatal DHA

We infuse our prenatal care system with DHA™, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps support baby’s healthy cognition, motor function and vision.

Our Top Seller


Zahler ParaGuard contains a unique and powerful blend of herbs to support intestinal balance. It is commonly used to cleanse the digestive tract from parasitic infections and to restore digestive health.

Perfect for this season


Zahler's innovative CandAid Supplement contains both potent essential oils and probiotics to help support yeast balance in the body. The timed release capsules contain small beadlets with probiotics, making it possible to take the probiotics and essential oils at the same time.

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