Prenatal +DHA 300


Premium nutrition for mother and child

Provides 26 vitamins and nutrients + 300 mg DHA

Includes 1000 mcg of Biofolate®

Easy-to-swallow softgel

Contains Vitamin K, Lutein, Chromium and more

Prenatal+DHA is a balanced, synergistic formula that provides a curated compilation of nutrients your developing baby requires in the optimal ratios for absorption, metabolism, and safety. Prenatal+DHA is a top-rated, exclusive formula sourced directly from nature containing pure unadulterated ingredients and meets the highest nutraceutical standards.

More about Prenatal+DHA:
The structural fatty acid DHA is crucial for proper eye and central nervous system development, impacting some of the most significant brain functions including vision, cognition and motor function. While DHA is important for everyone, it can be especially vital for babies. Fetuses get DHA while in the womb, and babies could get DHA through their mother’s milk. But, many women do not have enough DHA for themselves, let alone enough DHA for two. Prenatal supplements that are fortified with DHA increase the level of DHA in expectant and new mothers so that both mother and baby can benefit.
Another crucial component of Prenatal+DHA is the nutrient folate. Unlike folic acid, the source Biofolate® (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium) is body ready, which means it requires no complex conversion and eliminates the risk of unmetabolized folic acid. This naturally occurring form of folate is required by as many as 50% of pregnant women due to an MTFHR gene mutation, as these women either lack the enzymes needed to receive any benefit from synthetic folic acid or cannot fully process synthetic folic acid at RDA or higher dose levels.
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Customer Reviews

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Prenatal +DHA 300


Take Daily. Don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Ilana Siegelman
More Energy and more comfort from the switch to this prenatal

This is the 3rd prenatal I have tried and I am delighted to report that it is the first one that doesn't give me burps that taste like fish or seaweed. I have had no issues making the switch and if anything, I feel more energetic and better all-around on this prenatal. I highly recommend it.

Joni Feldbaum-Smith
Never received vitamins

It says on the tracking that the package was delivered yet I never received my over $100 order and when I contacted customer service the response was that I needed to contact DHL myself.


Really pleased with these vitamins. They are easy to swallow and there is not funny taste, and they are conveniently packaged. Most importantly, they have the best balance of nutrients of all of the prenatal I have looked into. I have a sensitive stomach and these have not bothered me at all.

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