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ImmuniKid לעיסה

ImmuniKid לעיסה

Zahler's ImmuniKid Chewable tablets is a unique supplement designed to boost and support children's immune systems.

  • All-natural children's immunity formula
  • Promotes a speedy immune system response
  • Contains Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Elderberry and more
  • Delicious grape-flavored chewable tablets
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
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Advanced science in each and every bottle

Using only the purest natural ingredients

Manufactured to the highest standards

Kosher through & through


  • All-natural children's immunity formula
  • Promotes a speedy immune system response
  • Contains Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Elderberry and more
  • Delicious grape-flavored chewable tablets

נוסחת חסינות ילדים טבעית

מקדם תגובה מהירה של מערכת החיסון

מכיל ויטמינים C ו- D, אבץ, סמבוק ועוד

טבליות לעיסה טעימות בענבים

Ingredient Studies

Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Supplement facts

What’s inside


Along with crisp leaves and cold weather come typical childhood ailments and winter illnesses. As the thermostat drops, children spend more time with each other in enclosed areas, sharing their chips, toys and germs. Illness is all but inevitable. The question is how often, how seriously, and for how long a child will suffer. Valid questions. ImmuniKid is a key part of the answer in keeping kids healthy.

ImmuniKid, newly improved, is more than just another immune booster. The careful balance of quality ingredients, easy dispensing, great taste and cost-effective results make this dietary supplement an instant winner.

The Cost of Sick Kids
When children contract illnesses, the effects may be far reaching and include lost school days for the child and work absence for the parent. Additionally, there is loss of appetite, energy, and mental and emotional stamina on top of the physical toll of disease, and all this compounded by the severity and duration of infection. Fortunately, there is a smart and easy way of supporting immunity with ImmuniKid from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler. ImmuniKid is a powerful dietary supplement designed with the kid in mind, boosting immunity all year round. It includes a carefully curated blend of well-researched vitamins and nutrients and supports a speedy immune system response and general wellness.

Best of all? It comes in great-tasting, child-friendly liquid and chewable options. And it’s well worth it.

Problem getting kids to take their vitamins? Worry no more. The new and improved version of ImmuniKid has a delicious flavor, and liquid and chewable versions are available.

A daily dose of ImmuniKid can go a long way. ImmuniKid is formulated to use daily at the recommended dose. However, a larger dose can be given for short-term intensive use.

When it comes to children and health, there’s no kidding around. ImmuniKid.

The ImmuniKid Advantage
ImmuniKid was developed based on a combined understanding of the science of tomorrow, the herbal healing powers of yesterday, and the children of today.

ImmuniKid contains a base of Vitamins C and D3 and the mineral Zinc, all well-researched and documented for their immune system-boosting properties. In addition, Elderberry has medicinal properties which can be helpful in alleviating coughs, upper respiratory infections and fevers.

Other components of ImmuniKid are:
Wellmune, a beta glucan derived from baker’s yeast. It actively supports the nutritional needs of a functioning immune system.

Licorice root, to help maintain healthy lungs and balance inflammatory reactions.

Astragalus root, promoted for respiratory infections, rhinitis and immune system regulation, among other benefits.

Goji berry, Aronia berry and Schisandra fruit, which provide additional vitamin C, antioxidants, increased energy and endurance, eye and skin protection, and more.

European Elder Fruit
Goji Berry
Licorice Root
Astragalus Root
Schisandra Fruit



Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Denise Ramirez
wanted to love them

I ordered several products and my daughter spit every single one out. i tried several days and she just would not. she said they were gross. i decided to give them a shot and sure enough, such a strong flavor and long lingering after taste. even i had to spit it out. 4 bottles down the drain.

Winter Blues


Pierce Darrow

Kid friendly immunity supplement.

Paul E.

Delicious flavor that the kids love. Great for daily immunity support.


Great taste and good supplement for immunity

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What’s in a bottle

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Our Formula
Our Formula

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