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מכיל מרכיבים כגון שום, אכינצאה, אסטרגלוס ועוד

ImmunAbreve is rich in antioxidants and contains high doses of Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin C, as well as other immune-building herbs such as Echinacea, Garlic and Elderberry Extract. This powerful immune booster supports the body's natural defense system and provides the body with important nutritional factors that support a healthy immune system and general wellness.

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Sara K

I used Abreve all winter last year, and the results were amazing. Every time anyone in my family, including me, starting with a runny nose or cough or fever we right away started on Abreve and the symptoms disappeared really quickly. As per Zahler's recommendations, I even opened up the capsules and gave the contents to my children (at a lower dose, depending on the age) in applesauce. I highly recommend Abreve and think it's a must for every house. We have band-aid and antibacterial cream in case of a minor injury, a flashlight in case of a blackout, and Abreve in case of ... hatchoo! I better take some now, before this becomes a full-fledged virus.

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