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Zahler's 120/80 is a unique and powerful formula including well-researched and clinically studied ingredients known to support healthy blood pressure levels.

  • Cardiovascular health formula
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • Contains Hibiscus Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract and more
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
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  • Cardiovascular health formula
  • Supports healthy blood pressure levels
  • Contains Hibiscus Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract and more

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Supplement facts

What’s inside

Get the Numbers Right

If you’ve been to the doctor’s office recently, chances are you had your blood pressure measured and recorded. Checking your blood pressure is a routine part of every medical examination, and the reading is used to evaluate many aspects of your health, both general and specific. But what is blood pressure?

About Blood Pressure
In simple terms, blood pressure is the measurement of the force expended by your heart to keep blood flowing around your body. The upper number, or systolic pressure, is the pressure your heart uses to push the blood out. The lower number, or diastolic pressure, is the measurement of pressure between each heartbeat.

Ideally, your blood pressure reading should be below 120/80. But it’s a little more nuanced than that. Blood pressure can be too low, but that doesn’t happen often. Many adults, especially seniors, have blood pressure that is too high, called hypertension. Today, doctors will alert patients at the pre-hypertensive state to keep an eye on their blood pressure and work on lowering it through dietary and lifestyle changes. Prehypertension is defined as systolic pressure between 120- 139 and diastolic pressure between 80-89. Anything above that is considered high blood pressure and your doctor may prescribe medication.
You want to avoid that. Fortunately, it is possible to promote healthy blood pressure through dietary supplements and an emphasis on healthy living.

Keep it at 120/80
While it is possible to lower your blood pressure by changing your diet, diet changes alone do not always bring about fast enough results. That’s why a dietary supplement like 120/80 from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler can be helpful in supporting and maintaining optimal blood pressure levels.

How Does 120/80 Work?

120/80 is a unique vitamin, mineral and herbal blend which can help support cardiovascular health and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

The principal ingredient, a Metabolaid® Blend of Hibiscus Flower Extract and Lemon Verbena Leaf Extract has been effective in lowering blood pressure and total cholesterol in randomized clinical trials. The two herbs can also support healthy body weight and blood lipids. It is believed that the phytochemicals, polyphenols and hibiscus acid are responsible for this. (NIH)

The Grape Seed Extract in 120/80 may reduce oxidative stress on blood vessels and encourage relaxed veins and arteries. Grape seed extract may help dilate blood vessels, which can lower blood pressure.

Pomegranate Fruit Extract is also an antioxidant which can lower blood pressure and supports a healthy inflammatory response; the pomegranate is considered a heart-healthy fruit. (PubMed)

Vitamin B6 and ocean water-derived Magnesium are crucial components of 120/80 as well. Most people do not ingest enough magnesium, a critical mineral which helps regulate many body systems. Magnesium can help blood vessels relax and supports adequate heart function. Vitamin B6 helps with proper absorption of magnesium so the body can experience these benefits more readily.

Blood pressure needs to be well regulated for every other bodily system to function well. 120/80 is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy blood pressure levels and cardiovascular function.

Pomegranate Fruit
Hibiscus Flower
Lemon Verbena Leaf
Grape Seed



Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Emily Johnson

120/80 has been great for my heart health. The super rich blend really works wonders to keep my blood pressure in check

Sarah Davis

Finding a natural way to support my blood pressure was important to me, and 120/80 has met all my expectations with its powerful formula.

Robert Taylor

This cardiovascular health formula has been extremely supportive in helping me manage my blood pressure without relying on other sources

Amanda Moore

I trust 120/80 for keeping my cardiovascular system healthy. It's easy to take and it makes me feel safe to know it has ingredients backed by clinical studies.

Michael Smith

Since starting 120/80, I've noticed healthy stability in my blood pressure readings, I believe that’s thanks to its natural ingredients

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Our Formula

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