Cardiovascular health formula

Supports healthy blood pressure levels

Contains Hibiscus Flower Extract, Grape Seed Extract and more

60 Capsules
Zahler's 120/80 is an innovative formula which includes well-researched and clinically studied ingredients known to support healthy blood pressure levels, which are critical for cardiovascular health. High blood pressure can potentially lead to serious cardiovascular disease if left unchecked. An improvement in diet, lifestyle, and natural supplements can go a long way to managing high blood pressure. The powerful combination in the 120/80 formula together with a healthy diet and improved life habits promote healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy cardiovascular system.
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Thank you

very impressive

Alexander B.
Blood Pressure

I had elevated blood pressure and started on these before my doctor had a chance to tell me to start meds (we were still in the monitoring stage). The next time I went back, the numbers were stable and now I just go to my doctor every 3 months to check my blood pressure and it's been fine. I'm a 65 year old and a little overweight. That's the next thing I want to work on. Any suggestions?

Blood Pressure

My sister-in-law recommended these when I told her about my slightly elevated blood pressure. I'm 64 years young and my doctor told me the last 2 visits that we will have to monitor my blood pressure as it's a bit higher than it should be. I started these 6 weeks ago and monitor my BP at home and am pleased with the results. I'm excited to go back to the doctor and show him my levels now. I know he'll be pleased.

New customer. Taking for 2 months

Taking for 2 months and feel much better.

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