Bioactive B-Complex formula

Advanced timed release formula with a two-stage delivery system

Contains the B Vitamins in methylated, phosphorylated, and coenzyme forms

Supports the nervous system and energy production

Zahler B-Complex is formulated with a unique two-stage delivery system, with half of the nutrients released immediately and the other half delayed for sustained benefit and enhanced absorption. This advanced formula includes only body-ready (coenzyme, methylated and phosphorylated) forms that don't require copmlex conversion. The B vitamins are critical for general well-being and specifically support mood, energy, and nervous system functioning.

Advanced Two Stage Delivery:
Zahler's upgraded Bioactive B Complex is a two-layered tablet with layer 1 (half of the nutrients) released and delivered immediately. The delayed release of layer 2 (the other half of the nutrients) enable sustained benefit. Since the B vitamins are water soluble and quickly metabolized and excreted, the benefits of slow release include more stable blood levels and an increase in the total amount of nutrients being absorbed and utilized.

Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Complex

I have been using the b complex powder an can tell a difference , I will continue to use it.not only does it make you look an feel great, it gives you energy. I told my mother in law about it an guess what she got her some b complex

Works well for my needs

This little vitamin packs a punch for my body. I love that it isn't huge and hard to swallow. The pill is very easy to take. My doctor agrees that there are plemty of the B vitamins in this pill for what my body has needed, so I've been able to replace my previous one with this one. The price is better, and the mg on one of the ingredients is better for what I need. Overall nothing to complain about with these. They leave no yucky aftertaste, they are very easy to swallow, and they are super cost friendly.

great product

This product comes from a reliable reputable company. These are time released which are great for keeping constant levels for the entire day. I have not had any stomach issues after taking them. i struggle with swallowing larger pills so this was a bit difficult for me, but others may not have the same issues. Good price.

Good Vitamin

I've been taking the Zahler Bioactive B-Complex vitamin for almost a month. I haven't noticed to much of a difference besides I have more energy. I take it every morning when I eat breakfast and will continue to take it.


B-Complex has an advanced two stage delivery, an initial release of layer one (half the nutrients delivered immediately) A delayed release of layer two ( half of the nutrients) for sustained benefits. I absolutely love this! The B vitamins are water soluble and quickly metabolized and excreted. I have definitely found my new vitamin B. I especially love the two stage timed release delivery! I'd recommend these to all my friends and family!

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