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Zahler's SHINE supplement provides a broad range of high-quality nutrients for skin, hair and nail support.

  • Advanced Skin, Hair and Nail support
  • Contains bioactive ingredients for enhanced absorption
  • Contains Keratin, Lycopene, L-Tyrosine and more
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
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Advanced science in each and every bottle

Using only the purest natural ingredients

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Kosher through & through


  • Advanced Skin, Hair and Nail support
  • Contains bioactive ingredients for enhanced absorption
  • Contains Keratin, Lycopene, L-Tyrosine and more

Zahler SHINE is an advanced comprehensive formula including Biotin, Silica, Keratin and more. The potent ingredients in this formula are designed to support healthy and lustrous skin, hair and nails. Additionally, SHINE includes a host of vitamins and minerals and supports both internal and external health.

Ingredient Studies

Read more about the unique, hand-picked ingredients we included in this formula.

Supplement facts

What’s inside


You bet they count. The image people encounter when you first meet colors their perception of you. That’s why it’s important to present your best self. What better way to do so than by preserving and promoting optimal health, both inside and out?

Your body’s amazing network optimizes nutrition, sending key nutrients to vital organs before other parts of the body. If essential elements are in minimal supply, your heart and brain will get them before your kidneys and pancreas. It stands to reason then, that skin, hair and nails, important yet not vital to your health, will only receive nutrition once the internal organs are properly supplied. Therefore, healthy skin, hair and nails are indicators that the body’s internal state of health is ideal.

Hair has many different jobs, depending on where it is on your body. Cranial hair keeps your head warm and provides some cushioning for your skull. Eyelashes and eyebrows protect your eyes from light, sweat and dust. There are also hairs in your nose, ears, and on almost every other part of your body. All hairs play a role in health and/or function.

Nails are there to protect your fingers and toes from injury. Fingernails also help with grasp and fine-motor activities, while toenails help with mobility. A person can live without nails. But after one day without one nail, you’ll appreciate the blessing of protection provided by your nails.

And your skin? Besides for keeping internal organs inside, skin is the body’s front line of protection, keeping dirt and bacteria out. Healthy skin is important for maintaining overall health. Any break in the skin barrier raises the risk of germs and bacteria entering the body.

Hair, skin and nails are secondary markers of vitality, proving a proper state of health on the inside.
SHINE provides the body with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, herbs and more to support and maintain both internal and external health.

SHINE, from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler, is a comprehensive formula to support healthy hair, skin and nails. It is a veritable multi-vitamin with added nutrition for external organ health. SHINE is formulated with vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as many B vitamins in bio-active forms. These include Folate, B12, B6, and more. Biotin is also included at a safe level. There are also minerals found in the multi including Iodine, Zinc, Copper and Chromium.

Then there are the special hair, skin and nail ingredients. Hair and nails are made of keratin, a protein. Keratin is also found on the surface of the skin. Cynatine® HNS is a keratin protein that can bring about visible results when used continuously. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is important for the proteins that facilitate hair and nail growth. MSM and Silica keep tissue and cells healthy, flexible and resilient.
Your skin needs special supplementation too. Hyaluronic Acid helps keep up the extracellular matrix, the network of cells that gives the skin its shape and elasticity. This helps the skin remain flexible and retain hydration. Lycopene and Lutein slow down skin aging and damage caused by too much sunlight.

Together, these ingredients are a force of nutrition that provide your body with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to boost overall health and build bounce and bounty for your external organs.

Horsetail Herb
Bamboo Stem/Shoot
Aztec Marigold Flower
Tomato Fruit



Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Salit Ude

My 15 year old son used it for 5 months and we saw much benefit and highly recommend it. It's also easy to swallow because it's a capsule.

Mercedes H Barris

I just started the product and it is too soon to tell.

Yellen D.

Hair is thick and good, looks healthy, like it used to.

Family of Girls
Hair Support

We're 4 teenage girls and we all took SHINE for our hair and we see it got much better since we started this. For now, we're continueing for another few months.


Great for my hair. I truly see a difference since starting these.

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Our Formula

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