Nature's Gift to Humanity

The world purest nutraceutical system, as intended by nature

Different at Heart

Zahler is a 3rd-generation family company proudly continuing the work of legendary founder Rachel Zahler, PhD. Growing from her inspiring, one-on-one consultation service, the Zahler family felt the need for better, more innovative, smarter nutritional solutions.

When we elected to dive into the scientific research of raw ingredients and advanced formulations, it took painstaking, meticulous research and a solid understanding of the human body. More scientists, doctors and nutritionists were recruited, and the very first effective Zahler formula was created.

REspect for Nature

Nature knows best, and it's a superiority we respect. That's why we flat-out insist on the real stuff, searching the globe for the purest ingredients. Why? We think nature is beautiful, brilliant, and perfect, really. Cutting costs isn't a good enough reason to mess with it. Think of Zahler as nature—nurtured.

Zahler believes that health is achieved from the inside out. Although there is little we can do to change our DNA, there is a whole lot we can do to work with it, targeting those areas that need an extra boost with the requisite nutrients. Rooted in nature's organic bounty and manufactured and bottled in a state-of-the-art GMP-certified facility in the USA, every ingredient and finished formula is analyzed and tested to ensure the purity and potency you expect from Zahler.

Scientifically Reaffirmed

Thirty years of interaction with thousands of people globally helped us create a full family of proprietary supplements. Each of the vitamins, minerals and herbs in our synergistic blends of superior formulas is proven effective in studies and in direct experience with the public. It's either the best—or not Zahler.

Today, the Zahler catalog of 150+ unique supplements is the product of hard data and an impressive culmination of real world evidence. Our innovative, pure spirit keeps us advanced and true to our vision and values. That's how we became the people's number one go-to source for nutritional advice and potent nutritional supplements.

Kosher through and through

Zahlers meets the exacting kosher requirements of two renowned certifying bodies that oversee our development, facilities and production. Our kosher status factors into each phase of development, so every ingredient, stabilizing agent, tablet binder, and disintegrant is inherently kosher. That's nutrition that meets a higher standard.

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