Mighty Mini


Once-daily high-quality prenatal vitamin

Pint-sized softgel including 800 mcg methylfolate

Mint-scented insert provides a fresh smell and taste

Contains 20 critical nutrients including 100 mg of DHA

90 Softgels
Mighty Mini Prenatal + DHA is a pint-sized, easy-to-swallow softgel that contains 20 critical nutrients, including 100 mg DHA, for the expectant mother and child. Swallowing a pill can be challenging for the expectant mother; sometimes, it's a real difficulty. Zahler's Mighty Mini daily prenatal supplement is in a convenient pint-sized softgel that provides a full spectrum of vital nutrients + DHA that both the mother and developing baby need, in a once-daily serving.
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Customer Reviews

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Perela L
Smaller Than I Imagined

These go down so fast.


It's usually difficult for me to swallow pills, but these are easy and go down without effort.

Lindsey Cavanaugh
Small but has all the essentials for baby

I did a lot of research into which prenatal vitamins to take before getting pregnant. I had a few things I really wanted from my prenatals which these have. First I wanted them to have the biologically active form of folate as many vitamins have folic acid which is the inactive form of folate and some people can't convert the inactive form to the active form. Not everyone has this problem but with folate being so important to baby's development, I didn't want to take that chance. I also wanted my prenatal to have DHA since I don't like fish. These vitamins include DHA and get it from an algae source which removes the risk of it having heavy metals, PCBs, or microplastics. Another thing I was looking for was I didn't want the vitamin to have the full 100% daily value of iron as I get most of my iron from my diet and having too much iron makes me feel nauseous and dizzy. The last thing I was looking for in a prenatal was I would prefer it to be small as I have a hard time swallowing big pills. I actually used to take gummy prenatal vitamins because of this but didn't like the added sugar so was really excited when I found these. They are a pretty small size but bigger than I feel the "pint sized" description made me think it would be. I actually thought it would be the size of the black dot on the bottle next to the butterfly (haha) but it's bigger than that yet definitely smaller than most other prenatals. It's been very easy for me to swallow these pills.

Some other notes, they are a little "fishy" but really not much. But enough to ever make me sick. Also, I used to take these later in the day but noticed i was starting to have difficulty sleeping (which I think was due to the vitamin B12). So I took it in the morning which resolved my sleep problem and didn't cause morning sickness. So overall this is a great prenatal that has the essential vitamins needed for baby.

Rebekah Taylor

I was nervous about starting prenatal vitamins from hearing a lot about women being nauseated from them but these Might Mini softgels smell so good (mint)! I have never once felt nauseous after taking them. Been taking them for about a year now and here to order more! To me, these (and the other Zahler prenatal) do not have a taste at all.


So easy to swallow; highly recommend to those who struggle with the larger prenatals of other brands. Also there are gelatin free which is so hard to find in other prenatals!

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