All-natural children's relaxation formula

Promotes a calm and soothing effect

Supports a good night's sleep

Contains Magnesium, L-Theanine, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract and more

Fruit Punch flavored chewable tablets

60 Chewable Tablets
ChildCalm is formulated with a targeted blend of nutrients including Vitamin B6, Lemon Balm Extract, Saffron Stigma Extract and more. These helpful ingredients promote a calm state of mind and support relaxation. ChildCalm tablets are delicious-tasting fruit punch-flavored chewable tablets that are easy to take on a daily basis.

What does ChildCalm target?
Many children are anxious, whether from social pressure, phobias or just daily life. Giving children the ingredients and tools to deal with their emotions is the greatest gift possible, giving them peace of mind.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
ANNE DiCostanzo


It works

I recently had a chance to try ChildCalm. My daughter absolutely loved the flavor of the fruit punch. She advised there isn't an aftertaste. It helps calm her down towards the evening when it's important to unwind.

Love this

My daughter is stressed with online school and this helps her. It just makes things easier for her where she gets the work done. She loves the flavor and that they are chewable and just easy to give her

Great Product

I got these to help boost my kids immune system with everything going on in this world. They have returned to school too. One of my kids absolutely loved them and the other one would take them with no problem. But my one child wanted to keep eating them and eating them, so I had to put them where she couldn't reach. So far, both of my children are healthy and haven't come down with any illnesses. So, I would have to say these did their job and helped boost their immune systems. Thanks!

Great tasting

In a mic up I recieved the immunity support which tasted great. But since we are in an "iambic pentameter" my children don't sit in a classroom with others anymore so I have no real way to know its efficacy. But because they tasted so good they didn't mind taking them daily.

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