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ParaGuard Softgels

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Powerful parasite cleanser

Supports healthy intestinal flora and digestion

Contains Pumpkin Seed, Wormwood, Garlic and more

Easy-to-swallow softgel

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ParaGuard is a super-strength formula which contains a unique blend of herbs such as Wormwood, Pumpkin Seed, Garlic Bulb and more, all of which optimize digestive flora and support a healthy intestinal balance. These herbs have traditionally been used to support and restore vitality to digestion and microbial balance. ParaGuard is oftentimes used as a potent cleanser for parasitic infections. Common signs of an infestation of parasites would be diarrhea or constipation, gas, bloating, nausea and fatigue. In an easy-to-swallow format, ParaGuard Softgels are small softgels that make a big difference when dealing with parasitic infestation.


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