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Omega 3 Platinum + D

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High quality Omega 3 from tuna fish

Contains 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving

Refined, purified and encapsulated in the USA

No fishy aftertaste

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Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, which means that the body requires it but cannot produce it on its own. The benefits of Omega 3 come primarily from the EPA and DHA, and Zahler’s Omega 3 Platinum+D is a pure, certified Kosher fish oil formula that has high concentrations of EPA and DHA in a 3 to 2 ratio as well as a robust dose of 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. Omega 3 Platinum+D contains FOS-certified Omega 3 fatty acids derived from wild-caught skipjack tuna fish. With Omega 3 Platinum+D, you get more of Omega 3’s fighting power in a smooth softgel with no fishy aftertaste along with vitamin D as an added bonus.

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Question : Is the fish oil in Omega 3 Platinum derived from wild-caught fish?

Answer : Yes, the tuna used in the Omega 3 Platinum+D is wild caught.

Question : What is the maximum amount of softgels I can take per day?

Answer : You can take up to 4 softgels daily, preferably divided.

Question : What are the benefits of taking an Omega 3 supplement?

Answer : Omega 3 oils the body. Just as when something around the house isn't working well - you oil it, Omega 3 lubricates the body and keeps things running smoothly. Omega 3 is commonly used to to reduce inflammation, enhance mood, calm anxiety, lift depression, improve memory, boost skin and heart health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and support brain and eye function.

Question : Can everyone take Omega 3 Platinum?

Answer : As Omega 3 has blood-thinning properties, anyone taking blood-thinning medication or with thrombocytopenia (thin blood) should consult with their physician before taking an Omega 3 supplement.

Question : Why was Vitamin D added into this omega supplement?

Answer : Since many individuals are deficient in Vitmain D and Omega 3 Platinum is a popular product, we combined the two to give a vitamin D boost to those who are taking omega 3 anyway.

Question : Where is the Vitamin D sourced from?

Answer : All of Zahler’s Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplements are naturally sourced from lanolin, the wool of sheep.

Question : What is the difference between Vitamin D2 and D3?

Answer : Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is the natural form of Vitamin D that your body makes from sunlight. D3 can also be sourced from lanolin. On the other hand, Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is cheaper to produce, but research shows that it is less effective in raising Vitamin D levels.


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