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Advanced Liver Support Formula

Supports Healthy Detoxification

Contains Zinc, Milk Thistle, Vitamin B6 and more

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LiverShield is a comprehensive formula that includes Milk Thistle, Turmeric and Selenium to optimize liver health and function. These carefully selected ingredients help support the body’s complex antioxidant processes and natural healthy detoxification function.

Question : I used to take Milk Thistle to support my liver. I see that LiverShield contains Milk Thistle. Is taking LiverShield enough, or should I take additional Milk Thistle?

Answer : The amount of Milk Thistle you get in LiverShield is enough, especially since it's combined with other liver-supporting nutrients. Hence, if you are taking LiverShield you do not need additional Milk Thistle.

Question : How long after taking LiverShield should I retake my blood test to see if my liver enzyme levels are improving?

Answer : We recommending taking blood work 3 months after starting LiverShield to see how your body is responding to the LiverShield.


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