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Lactivate Liquid

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Complete breastfeeding liquid formula

Provides optimal support for mom and baby

Boosts quantity and quality of milk supply

Contains Red Raspberry, Stinging Nettle, Folic Acid and more

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Zahler’s Lactivate is an all-in-one liquid lactation formula which optimizes healthy lactation. With nutrients and herbs that help generate a rich milk supply as well as prevent and reduce staining, this highly bioavailable liquid formula ensures fast and complete absorption. Lactivate also helps reduce mid-cycle staining and shortens period length.

What does Lactivate target?
Breastfeeding is the natural and ideal way to feed a baby, as nursing provides the most complete form of nutrition for infants and offers protection from disease and infections. When a mother is able to nurse clean for a longer period of time and her milk supply is adequate, both the baby and mother benefit. Zahler’s Lactivate provides these benefits in a single, advanced formula. It is also recommended for non-lactating women as it can be effective in reducing mid-cycle staining and shortening period length.


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