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ImmuniKid Chewable

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All-natural children’s immunity formula

Promotes a speedy immune system response

Contains Vitamins C and D, Zinc, Elderberry and more

Delicious grape-flavored chewable tablets

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Zahler ImmuniKid™ is a powerful children’s supplement which includes a curated blend of carefully selected nutrients designed to support a healthy immune system and general wellness in a delicious-tasting, kid-friendly format.

More about ImmuniKid:
ImmuniKid™ contains a base of Vitamins C and D3 and the mineral Zinc, all well-researched and documented for their immune system-boosting properties. In addition, Elderberry has medicinal properties which can be helpful in alleviating coughs, upper respiratory infections and fevers. Other components of ImmuniKid™ are:
• Wellmune™, a beta glucan derived from baker’s yeast. It actively supports the nutritional needs of a functioning immune system.
• Licorice root, to help maintain healthy lungs and balance inflammatory reactions.
• Astragalus root, promoted for respiratory infections, rhinitis and immune system regulation, among other benefits.
• Goji berry, Aronia berry and Schisandra fruit, which provide additional vitamin C, antioxidants, increased energy and endurance, eye and skin protection, and more.

ImmuniKid™ was developed based on a combined understanding of the science of tomorrow, the herbal healing powers of yesterday, and the children of today.

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Question : From what age can children take ImmuniKid?

Answer : ImmuniKid is a child-friendly formula and can be given to children as young as 3 years old. Just make sure that your child can chew the tablet well, so it should not pose a choking hazard.

Question : Which children can benefit from taking ImmuniKid?

Answer : ImmuniKid can be given to children over the winter or all-year round to support a healthy immune system. It can also support a speedy immune system response when a child feels unwell.

Question : Can ImmuniKid be taken together with probiotics?

Answer : Yes! ImmuniKid can be taken together with probiotics (though check on the labels regarding with/without food).


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