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Supports endurance and immune system function

Provides cellular oxygenation

Promotes concentration and energy

Contains 500 mg per chewable tablet

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Zahler’s DMG (N-Dimethylglycine) is a dietary supplement that supports the immune system, as well as circulatory, cardiovascular, and neurological functions. It also promotes muscle recovery and endurance.

More about DMG (N-Dimethylglycine):
DMG provides oxygen to your cells, which can help minimize feelings of dizziness and increase concentration and energy. DMG is found in the cells of plants and animals; humans produce the nutrient only in limited amounts. Supplementing your diet with Zahler’s DMG improves the nutritional environment of your body’s cells. DMG is also effective in supporting immune system functions and better utilization of oxygen at the cellular level.

Question : Can I swallow the DMG tablet whole, or does it have to be chewed?

Answer : The DMG tablet should be chewed. It should not be swallowed whole or in pieces.

Question : Can I take more than 1 DMG tablet daily?

Answer : Yes, you can take DMG on an as-needed basis. You can even take 2 at a time, if necessary, and several times a day. In total, you can take up to 6 tablets daily.

Question : When should I not take DMG?

Answer : Do not take DMG before bedtime, as it can give you lots of energy and keep you up.

Question : I bought a bottle of DMG about 2 years ago and it is almost reaching the expiration date. I don't remember why I bought it. What are the common reasons people take DMG for?

Answer : Common reasons to take DMG would be to help with dizziness, vertigo or to boost energy levels. Additionally, DMG can be used to boost the immune system and to support circulation and oxygen utilization, as well as brain, liver and cardiovascular health.

1 review for DMG

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    NR Green

    I was feeling dizzy every time I moved a bit too sharply or turned around. I started taking DMG, 2 tablets with breakfast and 2 tablets with lundh, and I feel so much better. My dizziness has dramatically decreased and I also feel more energetic when I take it. I will keep on buying it and highly recommend it.

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