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4inch BioDophilus Set 1000

BioDophilus 25 Billion

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Contains 25 Billion live and active CFUs per capsule

Supports healthy digestion and intestinal flora

Includes 11 different strains of probiotics including L. Acidophilus

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With a proprietary blend of 11 probiotic strains, BioDophilus25 helps support better digestion. BioDophilus25 may also assist in recolonizing the intestines with healthy bacteria, supporting a healthy immune system. Probiotic supplements help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria (microflora) in our gut. When these organisms are balanced and healthy‚ they support the normal functioning of numerous bodily processes. However, certain illnesses‚ medications‚ lifestyles‚ or even stressors can cause an imbalance of healthy microflora in our gut. If this occurs‚ then our immune system‚ digestion and more could be negatively affected.

What does Biodophilus target?
The benefits of probiotics are numerous, such as the recolonization of the intestines and immune function improvement. L. Acidophilus is particularly beneficial after antibiotic use, as antibiotics kill off all bacteria indiscriminately. Biodophilus helps support better digestion and enhances immune system functionality by halting the growth of disease-causing bacteria. Biodophilus may also reduce bad breath and flatulence‚ support healthy digestion‚ help relieve temporary constipation and support healthy intestinal flora.

Question : When should a person supplement with probiotics?

Answer : Probiotics are good bacteria which promote digestion and a healthy immune system. While supplementing with probiotics is always beneficial for overall health, when one is during or after a course of antibiotics, has low immunity, or is dealing with digestive issues, taking a potent probiotic is of utmost importance.

Question : What does it mean that Biodophlius contains 11 strains of probiotics?

Answer : There are many different types of probiotics. Once probiotics are ingested, they multiply in the body. We always want there to be a good balance of bacteria, where none are too powerful and where the good overshadow the bad. Therefore, when taking a multi-strain probiotic, such as Biodophilus that contains 11 different types of bacteria, we are giving the body lots of different stains, and then they overpower the bad bacteria in the digestive tract and balance each other out.

Question : Does Biodophilus contain prebiotics?

Answer : Yes, Zahler Biodophilus contains Fructooligosaccharides, which are prebiotics.

Question : Can I take probiotics when on antibiotics?

Answer : Yes, it is extremely important to take probiotics when one is on antibiotics. Just be sure not to take the antibiotics and the probiotics at the same time, as there has to be at least a 1 to 2 hour space between antibiotics and probiotics.

Question : When I finish with a course of antibiotics, should I continue with the probiotics, or do I stop?

Answer : It is of utmost importance to continue with the Biodophilus after finishing antibiotics. The general rule is to take probiotics for at least 3 weeks after finishing antibiotics.

Question : Does the Biodophilus have to be stored in the fridge?

Answer : Yes, once you open the bottle of Biodophilus, it should be stored tightly closed in the fridge.

Question : Can Biodophilus25 be given to children?

Answer : Yes, the Biodophlius capsule can be opened and mixed into a spoon of water, and it can be given to children that way. For young children, we would recommend 1/3 or ½ a capsule daily. Young adults can take a full 25 Billion capsule a day.


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