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Bioactive B-Complex formula

Advanced timed release formula with a two-stage delivery system

Contains the B Vitamins in methylated, phosphorylated, and coenzyme forms

Supports the nervous system and energy production

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Zahler B-Complex is formulated with a unique two-stage delivery system, with half of the nutrients released immediately and the other half delayed for sustained benefit and enhanced absorption. This advanced formula includes only body-ready (coenzyme, methylated and phosphorylated) forms that don’t require copmlex conversion. The B vitamins are critical for general well-being and specifically support mood, energy, and nervous system functioning.

Advanced Two Stage Delivery:
Zahler’s upgraded Bioactive B Complex is a two-layered tablet with layer 1 (half of the nutrients) released and delivered immediately. The delayed release of layer 2 (the other half of the nutrients) enable sustained benefit. Since the B vitamins are water soluble and quickly metabolized and excreted, the benefits of slow release include more stable blood levels and an increase in the total amount of nutrients being absorbed and utilized.

Bioactive B Vitamins = Better:
1. This formula harnesses the power of coenzyme, methylated and phosphorylated froms of the B vitamins to assure effective metabolism with minimal effort.
2. Bioactive forms are better absorbed and far more effective. Since they are body ready, the don’t require complex conversions or mega dosing.
3. A substantial dose of Choline is now included as this active is now correctly determined to be essential for general health.
4. Respectful of current resaerch, our dosing strategy is tailored to a significantly conservative position. There is no science supporting mega doses of B vitamins.

Question : Is Zahler Bioactive B Complex suitable for those with the MTHFR mutation?

Answer : Yes, Zahler Bioactive B Complex contains body-ready forms of the B Vitamins including methylated, phosphorylated and coenzyme forms. Hence, it is suitable for those with the MTHFR mutation.

Question : How many hours apart are the 2 layers of Zahler B Complex released?

Answer : The first portion (half the tablet) is released within 30 minutes. The second half will take a few hours. There are differences in the rate of release of the second half between individuals. Majority of the people will have layer 2 working within two to three hours.


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