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Lactivate Liquid

Lactivate Liquid

Zahler's Lactivate Liquid is a potent formula to boost and promote a healthy milk supply.

  • Complete breastfeeding liquid formula
  • Provides optimal support for mom and baby
  • Boosts quantity and quality of milk supply
  • Contains Red Raspberry, Stinging Nettle, Methylfolate and more
Gluten free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
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Advanced science in each and every bottle

Using only the purest natural ingredients

Manufactured to the highest standards

Kosher through & through


  • Complete breastfeeding liquid formula
  • Provides optimal support for mom and baby
  • Boosts quantity and quality of milk supply
  • Contains Red Raspberry, Stinging Nettle, Methylfolate and more

Zahler's Lactivate is an all-in-one liquid lactation formula which optimizes healthy lactation. With nutrients and herbs that help generate a rich milk supply as well as prevent and reduce staining, this highly bioavailable liquid formula ensures fast and complete absorption. Lactivate also helps reduce mid-cycle staining and shortens period length.

What does Lactivate target?
Breastfeeding is the natural and ideal way to feed a baby, as nursing provides the most complete form of nutrition for infants and offers protection from disease and infections. When a mother is able to nurse clean for a longer period of time and her milk supply is adequate, both the baby and mother benefit. Zahler's Lactivate provides these benefits in a single, advanced formula. It is also recommended for non-lactating women as it can be effective in reducing mid-cycle staining and shortening period length.

Additional Information

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Supplement facts

What’s inside

Red Raspberry Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Alfalfa Leaf
Nettle Leaf
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Seed
Blessed Thistle Aerial Parts
Marshmallow Root
Milk Thistle Seed
Shepherd's Purse Aerial Parts
Orange Peel
Goat's Rue Aerial Parts
Monk's Pepper Whole Berry



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Horrible Smell

I so wanted this to work out... I bought it unsure if it I should pay this amount as it is pretty expensive but I wanted the results strong enough. I just opened the bottle and almost threw up. The smell is disgusting and taste is so strong. I took it in the morning and in the afternoon when I returned my entire house had a smell from it since a tiny drop has spilled on the table. I tried taking it three times and then decided I can't anymore. (I hate writing bad reviews but I guess this is the result of 50 bucks in garbage)

Boris Brendwin

Good taste and supports the milk supply.

Wendy Nullman

Great for new mothers to get things right!

Tiffany N.
New Mommy Product

I got this as a gift when my baby was born and I love it and will continue taking it until I finish nursing her. I am exclusively breastfeeding and have enough milk (and extra to put in the freezer for a busy/rainy day!)


Quicker results than expected. Also, fast delivery.

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Our Formula

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