Premium immune system support

Supports cellular protection

Contains 5 Organic Mushrooms + Selenium

60 Capsules
Zahler Myco5Defense includes a rich blend of 5 organic mushrooms designed to potentiate and activate immune system functioning. This advanced formula helps support cellular protection. Also included is Selenium to provide maximal gains. The MycoFusions® materials are natural complexes of mushroom compounds which support robust immune function.

More about the Mushrooms in Myco5Defense:
MaitakeGold 404® is an extensively researched extract of the Maitake mushroom. It supports a number of basic functions of the immune system without overstimulating it.
Reishi mushrooms have been the subject of clinical tests with proven efficacy in boosting immunity and helping the body fight cancer cells and infections. It can aslo help fight fatigue and depression.
Compounds in Shiitake mushrooms may help fight cancer, boost immunity, and support heart health.
Cordyceps mushrooms support immunity by stimulating cells and certain chemicals in the immune system and may also work against cancer cells and possibly shrink tumor size.
Chaga mushrooms are packed with antioxidants and contain strong immune-boosting properties. Its extract may improve immunity and chronic inflammation, as well as blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
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Customer Reviews

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Sirata Ninasto

Great immunity supplement with a unique combination.

Manny Hone

My doctor told my sister to stay away from immune boosting supplements due to her autoimmune disease, but then she was getting sick often. These she is allowed to take and her body is supported by these crucial nutrients.

Risa R.

Mushroom complex - this is amazing!


Immunity Support in the Highest Quality form

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